Mr. Roger Gore, the C.E.O. and founder of GNatural products is a beauty mogul powerhouse and a Life-Time Achievement Award Winner in the field of beauty . Gore has created award winning brands like GNatural © , Alpha Club 4 Men ©  Next LVL Grooming System, GNatural Films © , GNatural Kanabis ©   CBD PAIN FREE products sold in big box stores and now he’s created his signature spirits  brand Alisar Vodka © .  Gore became the first African American Natural Beauty Products manufacturer to own it’s own spirits brand sold in stores and online. Mr. Gore’s success building high end brands in the natural beauty business now translated into the world of handmade spirits. In 2020 Gore set out to make a high end premium Vodka that was so smooth you could drink it straight. After working with several different formulas and tasting after tasting Gore invited several of his family and friends to a tasting of his final formula. After a overwhelming approval the one thing that radiated in the room was all were saying
It’s so smooth. We knew this formula was a winner. That gave Gore the inspiration for the name Alisar which means “smooth”, named perfectly!