Mr.. Roger Gore, the C.E.O. and founder of GNatural products is a premium brand mogul powerhouse and a Life-Time Achievement Award Winner. Gore has created award winning brands like GNatural © ,In 2020 Gore set out to make a high end premium Vodka that was so smooth you could drink it straight. After working with several different formulas and tasting after tasting Gore invited several of his family and friends to a tasting of his final formula. After a overwhelming approval the one thing that radiated in the room was all were saying. It’s so smooth. We knew this formula was a winner. That gave Gore the inspiration for the name Alisar which means “smooth”, named perfectly!
Mr. Gore is a advocate for parents with children who are struggling with autism and for full time family caregivers of parents with Dementia. Mr Gore was a full time caregiver for 8 years with his Father retired 3 time war army sgt. veteran who suffered with Dementia until his passing in 2018, now rest in Arlington Cemetery. Mr. Gore was also very instrumental in helping his youngest son overcome the challenges of autism to receive 3 Presidential Academic Achievement Awards (2) President Obama (1) President Trump and graduated high school to receive a Award from Maryland Governor Hogan for finishing in the top 5 percent of students in his graduating class. Roger Gore and his son work with other parents with children that struggle with Autism not only survive but thrive to best of their fullest potential in life.
Mr. Gore sometimes goes into the in-store tastings unknowingly to customers he’s the owner to hear from the front line how the spirits are received and to get honest feedback. Mr. Gore really enjoys customers reactions to how smooth Alisar Vodka taste. Mr. Gore also enjoys people of all walks of life and feels we can gather socially and enjoy premium spirits creating great moments in time. So don’t be surprised if you see him in a retail store doing a tasting. Mr. Gore continues to work on other spirits brand categories. His goal is to create premium spirits and sparkling wines that can be enjoyed time after time.