Alisar Pineapple Vodka

Discover Alisar Pineapple flavored infused Vodka. It’s 50% ABV which makes it grown and sexy. Our smooth premium Vodka made with the finest corn and distilled 6 times, charcoal filtered then carefully infused with a hint of the finest quality pineapple to give it additional dept bringing real juice and tropical island flavors together while still being extremely smooth, holding its fully bodied flavor.

Alisar Pineapple Vodka is so smooth it’s perfectly serve chilled, on the rocks or with a splash of orange juice. Our Alisar Pineapple Vodka is great crafted together with your favorite cocktail to enjoy time and time again. Alisar means ‘smooth in Portuguese, named perfectly!


Alisar Vodka

A Premium Vodka by Gnatural Spirits. Alisar Vodka is Handcrafted with a time honored recipe that’s been handed down from generation to generation. Alisar Vodka is clean, smooth and balanced while still retaining a full bodied taste and character.

Alisar means “Smooth”, named perfectly.